Eucharistic Visitor

A lay person licensed by the Diocese of Maine (valid for a 3 year period) to bring communion to persons who are unable to attend Holy Eucharist at the church. Being a sacramental people, we want to ensure that we meet the need of our aging parishioners and others with limited mobility to keep us connected with the One True Vine through the Eucharist. And through this pastoral visit, we are nurtured by Christ’s body and blood as well as through the gift of presence and listening.

As the Bishop Steve explained, “It is a ministry that extends the communion rail from the church to the residences, bedsides, and hospital rooms of sick and/or infirm members of the congregation.” As an extension of the Eucharist, therefore, by diocesan request this must be done within 24 hours of the consecration of the elements.

It is also suggested that the Eucharistic Visitor “be accompanied by another person so that he/she is not visiting in homes or rooms alone thus ensuring the practice of Safe Church guidelines. The presence of others also enhances the sense of community.” *

*Episcopal letter by The Rt. Rev. Stephen T. Lane promulgated on 12 May 2010