Women’s Group

The women of Saint Andrew’s who gather, do so operating under the informal structure adopted in 2016.  We have no official meeting schedule, officers or agenda. Betty Peterson monitors the treasury and Ann Dilley acts as organizer. During 2017 the group met with a “fair degree of regularity” at Ann’s home focusing on maintaining fellowship among one another.

The Women’s Group continues to be committed to supporting and furthering Saint Andrew’s Outreach programs. We organize the Summer and Christmas Fairs through the dedication and support of the entire congregation. Indeed, many hands contribute from outside the parish similar to ‘friends of the church’ or associates. Funds raised go towards supporting the Winthrop Food Bank, The First Baptist Food Bank in Mt. Vernon, and high school scholarships. An additional portion is contributed to the salary of the Vicar. As of the parish Annual Meeting in January 2018, the treasury balance was $1570.18.