Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church is a moderate Church in the ceremony that we share in our Holy Eucharistic worship services.

Our Eucharists are high church in that we use Paten and Chalice and the Celebrant is vested in garments associated with the Celebration of the Eucharist. The ringing of the Scanctus Bell at established times during the Consecration of the Host and Wine  is encouraged.

Our Eucharistic Services include the use of lay persons in all aspects where it is appropriate.  Lay persons read the lessons and provide leadership in the manner the psalm is read. Normally the congregation is included in the reading of the psalm. Lay persons lead in the prayers of the people and have the option of picking the prayers of the people used when they are the scheduled intercessor. Elements are brought forward by persons picked from the congregation. A licensed lay person is the Eucharistic Minister. Lay persons provide support as Altar Guild members and Acolytes.