Springtime in Ukraine (A Prayer of Lament and Hope) by Rev. Susan Taylor Mar 2022


All are welcome at Saint Andrew’s.

Our mission is to witness to God’s presence and love.

Our vision is to develop an inclusive community, share Christian love, and commit to strong outreach.

Please join us!

Our Service will be held at 11:00 a.m. on the Fourth of July Sunday but please see our ‘try-on’ worship for the remainder of July which will feature a 10:00 a.m. start time and will be held @ The Haven.

1st-3rd Sundays Holy Eucharist in-person & Zoom.

4th Sundays Morning Prayer Zoom only.

5th Sundays tba.

Masks are optional, no longer required at present.


July 2022 Worship

Calendar notes

Please note that July is shaping up to be a bit different as we ‘try-on’ worship at a different time beginning at 10  a.m. on the 10th at The Haven

Jul3    Pent5 MP 11 a.m. @ the church in-person and Zoom

Jul10   Pent6 10 a.m. @ The Haven (Holy Eucharist2/Zoom- hopefully!)    9 Turkey Lane, Winthrop. Call for directions 207-395-2015 or email info@standrewswinthrop.org

Jul17   Pent7 10 a.m. @ The Haven (Holy Eucharist2/Zoom- hopefully!)

Jul24   Pent8 10 a.m. Morning Prayer2 Zoom only 

Jul31    Pent9 10 a.m. @ The Haven (Holy Eucharist2/Zoom- hopefully!)

Contact info@standrewswinthrop.org for more information or for the zoom link.


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