Where we come from…

Our parish directory indicates that Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church congregants are comprised mainly of two types: full time residents in Maine and summer members who spend the warmer part of the year in Maine and the colder part of the year in the South. Our full time Maine residents live predominately between the Kennebec River and Augusta on the East and the Androscoggin River and Lewiston on the West. Currently, our local parishioners hail from twenty-three towns within Maine, while our seasonal members come to us from twelve different states.

Where are we going?

Back into our neighborhoods near and far to practice Baptismal Ministry (also known as the walk from the font)! Engaging in the greater Church’s movement towards becoming more missional (known here in Maine as Living Local – Joining God), we flow like a river from whence we set forth to make the love of God in Christ known among our neighbors and the ‘not-yet-known’ stranger.